Monday, October 17, 2011

Terrible Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't updated since July! It is now the middle of October. A lot has gone on around here since July! Mason now sits up on his own, waves, dances whenever he hears music and sometimes when there is no music, gives kisses, is absolutely obsessed with anything electronic and will try to get it any way possible. He even throws little fits when I won't let him have things (oh no! how can this be starting already?)

Mason is crawling all over the place now too, army crawling that is. He doesn't care how he does it as long as he can get to what he wants. He loves getting into his Daddy's CDs, and his new favorite thing is getting into the dog's food.

The other day I was making him some food and I saw that he was over at the dog food bowls. So I went and picked him up and sat down to feed him. He looked at me funny and then opened his mouth and a piece of dog food popped out. Omg this child...

Then last night his Daddy was watching him while I got dinner ready. Dan was puttering between the living room and dining room trying to pick up before dinner. All of a sudden I hear Mason cough a couple of times and then a big splash, then Dan yells that he needs help. I run in the living room and everything that was in Mason's stomach was now on his playmat. (He had just nursed by the way) Mason had his very first projectile vomit and it was disgusting. As I was helping Dan clean it up I noticed that there were paper towel chunks in it and a paper towel sitting next to Mason. Mason had been eating a paper towel on his Daddy's watch. Where he got a paper towel from we aren't sure. We are thankful that he didn't choke and that it didn't cause some serious problems. I think Dan has learned his lesson that Mason is no longer the little immobile baby that you can leave in one spot and he will still be there when you come back from the other room.

I think this child is going to keep us on our toes for the next 18 years.

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