Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long Lost Blogger

Hard to believe that it has been since November since I last posted. I want to say I have been off doing some world saving and all time consuming charity work, but I haven't. I have just become a lazy blogger. I am on a mission to change this. I originally started a blog so I could look back and see how things were, what I was going through and remember the little things that are too often easily forgotten. How am I supposed to look back when there is nothing to look back at?

So a quick recap of November 2011 until now, June 2012.

-My baby boy turned 1 in January. My baby quickly went from sweet and quiet infant to crazy and defiant toddler. Boy that was quick. Everyday is now a challenge of authority between myself and an almost 17 month old. I remember the days when I thought having an infant was so hard and I couldn't get a thing done. While yes that was hard, oh if I knew what I know now. I think I would have cherished the time more.

-I have learned that a baby really is the determining factor of whether people who you think are important in your life really are or not. I have a child that has a schedule and I am now a slave to that schedule. If you can't find time to fit us in into your no child schedule, so be it. Nice knowing you.

-Couponing still rocks. You think it is stupid I spend all that time clipping coupons and planning? I think it's stupid you are paying full price for things I get for free.

-We have officially gotten "that" itch in the Berry household. The change itch. We have spent the last few months house hunting, only to be really disappointed in what we found. We have almost entirely remodeled our current home, so no houses are meeting our standards. The addition for our house is all drawn out, now for the bids to see if we are going to do this...

I am going to try to keep up to date with my blog from now on, but hey it's summer. Pools are calling my name :)

Until next time.

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