Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mason's Birth Story

I know I promised my journey with breastfeeding for my next post but I realized I have never posted Mason's birth story. So before I forget I need to get it down. It's only been about 4 months...

At the end of my pregnancy I was at the Dr. at least 2-3 times a week for non stress tests and ultrasounds to check Mason's size and amniotic fluid levels. I had to have these because I was considered high risk due to Gestational Diabetes. I also had protein in my urine occasionally and high blood pressure once in a while.

At one of my specialist appointments in Buffalo at the end of 38 weeks, I asked about this horrible rash I had all over my body and what I can do for it. The Dr. told me that there was nothing that was going to help it other than get the baby out and I had developed PUPPS. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE. It is the worst feeling in the world. Anyways the specialist told me she would be writing a report to my regular OB and tell him that she recommends Mason be delivered at 39 weeks.

Fast forward a day and I hadn't felt Mason move very much in 24 hours. My OB wanted me to come in immediately for a NST (non stress test). Mason made a liar out of me and started moving like crazy once we got there. Good news though: They got the letter from the specialist and was having me come in on Monday 01/10/11 to start the induction process.

On the 10th. I was so ready to get the show on the road. I was itching all over my body. I could barely move because of sciatic nerve pain in my right hip area and I was sick of the GD diet which consists of pretty much nothing. I spent the day with my cousin getting last minute things ready like packing my hospital bag and buying snacks and goodies for my hospital stay.

When Dan got home he grabbed all of our things, plus Mason's things to get him home, said a tearful goodbye to my first babies (my dogs) and we were off to the hospital.

They checked me in around 6pm and the first thing they were going to try was cervadil. I was not dilated whatsoever and Mason was very high up. My Dr. inserted the cervadil which was incredibly painful and would be back to check in 12 hours. I had painful contractions one on top of the other for the entire 12 hours and got no sleep.

The next morning after my 12 hours were up I asked the nurse when the cervadil could come out because I was in a lot of pain. She took it out and my Dr. came to check me about an hour later. Absolutely no progress. My Dr. started talking c-section. I didn't care at this point and to be honest I had expected it with all the talk throughout my pregnancy of Mason being such a big baby.

The prep for the section began with tons of fluids being pumped into me so that my blood pressure didn't plummet during the surgery. That did wonders on my already swollen legs and feet. The whole day was a waiting game. I was waiting for another mom to deliver her baby. When she was done then it was my turn. I thanked God I wasn't having to get him out of old natural way after listening to her scream down the hall. That would have made me want to pack up and run out the door.

On a diet of ice chips, I waited and waited until finally the nurse said she was going to prep me for surgery. I won't go into many details for this part but getting a catheter in is NOT a pleasant experience!

I drank this horrible liquid to neutralize the acid in my stomach and we were off to the operating room.

I had to go in alone, while Dan waited in the hallway. I got my spinal which made the lower half of my body feel insane. I really have no words to explain how it felt. Dan finally could come in, they raised the blue sheet so we couldn't see anything and cut me open.

I didn't feel anything, to be honest the most unpleasant experience was the oxygen thing in my nose! I looked over at Dan and he was turning this nice shade of gray. I spent most of the surgery trying to talk him down to keep him from passing out or throwing up. Sounds a little reversed if you ask me.

Within a few minutes Mason was born. At exactly 2:53pm on 01/11/11 at 9lbs 5oz. Mason Lawrence Berry entered the world. He cried immediately and started peeing right when he came out. Dan started to feel better after a few minutes so the Dr. let him get up and see his son. Mason scored a 9/9 on his apgar and my Dr. said he looked nothing like a typical GD baby. His blood sugar was perfect and he was very pink. I was so proud.

Dan went off into the nursery with Mason while I got put back together. This was seriously the most relaxing time of my life. They gave me some kind of drug to relax me and I was about to take the most amazing nap of my life when they told me I was all done. I actually was sad it was done because I was feeling so good. Strange I know.

I got wheeled back to my room and my family was there to greet me. Mason was brought to our room shortly after and I got to hold my baby for the first time. I stared at him in absolute awe. He was making the most beautiful sighing noises in his sleep and I was in love.

And so is the story of how Mason entered the world. Nothing crazy but that day absolutely changed my life.


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