Monday, April 18, 2011

What I have learned in 3 months

My little man is now three months, 14 weeks exactly tomorrow. Where has the time gone? The past three months have been challenging at times but absolutely amazing. One thing I have learned along this crazy journey is don't let people's crazy/horror stories scare you. Chances are you won't have the same experience at them. Every person and every pregnancy/baby is different.

I can't count the times I heard the following when I was either pregnant or Mason had just arrived:
You just wait (This is a VERY famous one, I still hear it.)
You think it is hard being pregnant, it is so much worse when they are here. Being pregnant is EASY. (Totally not the case for me.)
You think you are tired now, you just wait.

I could go on, but you get the point. Looking back yes there were days that I was tired, but it was worth it and honestly it wasn't THAT bad. People made it seem like I was going to fall over and die. Again, just take people's unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. You will have your own experience and that it that.

Another thing I have learned in the past three months is throw your plans out the window. I had so many things in my mind that I would never do as a parent and other things that I was all about. Well that all changed when Mason arrived. 

I said I would NEVER have Mason in my bed.
Reality: There were nights I was so tired and Mason wouldn't go to sleep that he would fall asleep on me and I would let him and doze off myself.
I said I wasn't going to give Mason a pacifier because of nipple confusion for at least a month or two.
Reality: He had a pacifier at the hospital on his 2nd day of life.
I said I would pump to get a huge freezer stash so I could stop breastfeeding at 6 months and still feed him with breast milk for a year.
Reality: I think pumping is a pain, and I haven't done it in weeks and Mason hasn't had a bottle in probably a  month now.
I said that I would be cloth diapering as soon as he fit in the diapers.
Reality: Mason got a rash and I couldn't use creams with cloth diapers. He no longer has a rash but I haven't made the transition yet just because it is easy to throw diapers away. (I am making the switch soon though, so I will be writing all about it.)

The lesson here is don't have too many expectations. You could just be setting yourself up for disappointment. Yes have parenting ideas and plans, but if it doesn't work out exactly the way you wanted it to then revise and move on. Happy mama = happy baby.

Speaking of happy mama, I will be writing all about my triumphs and struggles with breastfeeding in my next blog post.

I also wanted to add a couple of things that I COULD NOT live without these past three months:
"Mr. Monkey" Wubbanub pacifier. Mason LOVES this thing! He can hold onto it so it comforts him plus if it falls out of his mouth he can put it back in. We love wubbanubs in this house!

Also a must have in this house are swaddleme blankets. Mason can't sleep without being swaddled, trust me we have tried it! He is now blissfully sleeping through the nights, on most nights at least, and I have the swaddleme blankets to thank. It is great for those who don't know how to swaddle using a plain old blanket and the velcro closures makes it a lot harder for those baby arms to make a break for it!

Happy Tax day everyone and thanks for visiting! :)


  1. cuuuuuuuute. I love that monkey pacifier. I think i said something to Dan when we were there.

  2. Ty has 3 wubbanubs the monkey elephant and giraffe. Ty likes to be swaddled too but most recently would rather sleep in his swing. Not sure if we're setting ourselves up for trouble later on but with both of us working we need sleep so we're going with what works for now! Three months went by fast. Ty is already ten weeks!

  3. omg pumping is the WORST. it is my #1 enemy. i'm packing mine up this week and never using it again. in fact when my last frozen bottle is gone (only 3 left), the kid will just have to deal with it until i get home from where-ever i am!! (he's almost 11 months)