Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weight loss

Two posts in one day?? I'm on a roll.

I thought I would track my weight loss on here to either get inspired from other's comments and support or to inspire someone else to get healthier.

I started Weight Watchers last Thursday, so almost a week strong. I am finally motivated to do something and to feel healthier. I have tried WW online before, but it was just a free trial, it didn't last long. This time we are actually paying for it and my husband is counting points right along with me. I think it is going to work for me this time.

My husband is being a great support system for me. He is serious about losing weight also so it is really helping me.

The weight was just falling off after I had Mason. I was breastfeeding (still am) and was just losing all of the baby weight like crazy. Then it just stopped coming off and starting to come back. I was about 15 lbs under my prepregnancy weight a few weeks after I had Mason and now I am only 5 lbs under my prepregnancy weight. I blame it on eating like crap after I had Mason. I had GD during my pregnancy so I wasn't able to eat a lot of things so I just went crazy when I could eat whatever again.

I will write what I like about WW every week, what is keeping me motivated, what is hard and so on. I will also let you know every week if I have lost any weight.

Only two more days until weigh in. I am so excited, but kind of nervous! I hope I lost weight!!

So far what I like: Feeling good about what I am eating.
Keeping me motivated: The thought of weighing in in front of people in two days.
What is hard: Kicking my boredom eating habit.

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